back to article First Microsoft, now IBM: Box deals are coming thick and fast

IBM and Box are hopping into bed together, a move intended to satisfy their respective desires for cloud and scale. The companies intend to integrate their technology, including IBM content management, Watson analytics and IBM Verse and Connections social collaboration tools. The deal is the second big announcement for Box in …

  1. chris 17 Silver badge

    what the hell do they do? do they package software into systems and send the boxed system to you or host it for you or what?

  2. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    So MS and IBM working together again?

    Let me guess the outcome will be the same as MSDOS & OS2 i.e MS stay long enough to steal anything not bolted down and IBM again loose control of the "common" IP.

    All it seems to take to abuse IBM is MS saying "truely baby this time you can trust me not to c*m in your mouth, again"

  3. pig

    I feel sorry for the users

    Box is awful to use.

    Really, really awful.

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