back to article AMD: We're not splitting our gfx and servers biz, ignore all the rumours

Under-the-weather chip maker AMD is denying that it is mulling a break-up or spin-off – but both analysts and channel customers agree something has to change if the firm is to survive prosper. A report in Reuters told the world that Lisa Su, the latest top exec at AMD, is exploring all possibilities to steer the company toward …

  1. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    For the market's sake AMD needs buying by someone with deep pockets who can invest in producing competitive x86 chips to Intel's offerings.

    1. Charlie Clark Silver badge

      But where would be the RoI for such an investor? I guess Apple could do it to have everything in house (getting AMD's graphic chips would certainly be appealing, the dependency upon Intel is shrinking all the time). It's certainly got the cash and the margins. Apart from that it's difficult to see a definite business case.

      If ARM ever makes it into the data centre in any volume then it's still possible that Intel would be allowed to do the takeover. Keeping AMD around just for the illusion of competition isn't fooling anyone.

  2. John Sanders

    Dammit AMD

    Hold it for a while longer, I need to upgrade my AMD mobo/cpu for Fallout 4 this fall!!!

  3. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    The games people play

    I'll bet when the truth is known, someone is trying to jack AMD's stock price for profit. Expect some crims to be prosecuted over the next few months for stock price manipulation.

  4. tesmith47

    I would hate to see AMD go down, i remember when there were three cpus you could buy and the only one that i could afford was AMD (386 dx was expensive and damn apple was totally out of the question!!). I will always have a soft spot for AMD my present chip does everything i need including video stuff, i love my fx8350

    1. Expectingtheworst

      Yes I used to use AMD chips on all my home-builds. The only problems used to be the drivers for the north and south bridge. Always had problems installing them. Some other drivers could also be a problem. However when working I never had any trouble and timings were always comparable with Intel, occasionally better. I think the money I saved gave me a free PC over the years.

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