back to article Dev probes bad proxies, writes white hat checker, black hat DIY guide

Developer Christian Haschek is building an online tool to allow users to check whethre their free proxy is potentially harvesting their details, or is one of the few to be relatively secure. The ProxyChecker service allows users to enter the IP address and port of their favourite free proxy service, to see if it is messing …

  1. This post has been deleted by its author

    1. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      It is

      in Engrish...

      Or Chinglish, suit yourself.

      Some of the best stuff I have ever read has been in the form of a Chinese destruction manual.

      1. Sir Runcible Spoon

        Re: It is

        I've been seeing this at work a bit recently - someone uses the phrase 'appreciate much' - I just put it down to them being non-English (even though they speak the language perfectly well).

        They aren't Chinese either.

  2. John Smith 19 Gold badge

    Is this the 3rd not spell checked ElReg article I've read today?

    I think it is.

    Spell check.

    Quite useful for reports read by one other person.

    Very useful for stuff read by thousands.

    1. channel extended

      Re: Is this the 3rd not spell checked ElReg article I've read today?

      Spell check will not catch a gramantic error. The autor pobably meant to use the wprd munch. Rereaading your post is a good way to catch these however. Nit pickers rejoice "bad grammer LIVES!!".

  3. Steve Evans

    OT: Horrible captcha

    He's got a horrible captcha thing on that testing website... It took me several goes to get it correct...

    Identifying pictures with bread in them?! when several of the pictures contain items so small they could be biscuits or toast fingers, another could have been doughnuts/donuts or rolls... A different one showing "street signs" which are a highly national style (US I guess) and included some weird signs which might be found on a US street for all I know.

    The sooner the xenophobic captcha designers use pictures which are clear, and internationally recognisable, the better.

    - May I suggest avoiding man-made items... How about select all the picture of cats, dog, snakes, spiders, fish, mountains, sea, islands, flowers.

    - Or very generic man-made items like motor vehicles, boats, trains, planes, rockets.

    Or maybe I should make a British version, with "Select all the cars sold in the 1950s" or "Select the Prime ministers" or "Select all the legal currency"

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