back to article Thing users: you need national narrowband

A couple of Australian telco industry veterans reckon the Internet of Things needs an access network of its own, to meet the requirements of cheap, low-volume traffic. Industry newsletter Communications Day reports today that founder Rob Zagarella told a Communications Alliance workshop that the outfit wants to create an open …

  1. mathew42
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    Low volume traffic in rural areas? That requires an expensive build out with a long distance between the base station and device.

    We already have mobile phone networks which cover large parts of the country and SMS for sending small pieces of data. If a telco can come up with a plan which enables many devices that support SMS only or a low quota data plan, then I could see that being much quicker to deploy and more viable.

  2. Charles Manning

    BTLE already has this covered

    You can get BTLE chips for about $2 that include the baseband + a microcontroller + flash + RAM + peripherals from people like nordicsemi. Add a crystal + a few passives and you have everything you need.

    BTLE can communicate up to 100metres. Enough for many applications, even agricultural.

  3. John Tserkezis

    Good idea, we need some cheap comms methods for iot things, because currently, for Mere Mortal Humans, you're looking at possibly $50-$100+ (and/or WiFi too) to add internet depending on which way you start, and go to. On a per toaster basis, that's bloody expensive outside of the odd project.

    However, since the author mentioned the NBN (and technically didn't have to) I can't help but think, somehow, the goverment is going to get their fingers in that pie and fuck things up.

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