back to article Oracle confirms David Donatelli hired to head hardware unit

Oracle has confirmed its rumoured hire of former EMC and HP man David Donatelli, and given him the job of running its converged infrastructure business. The exec actually landed at Oracle at the end of March, though the company refused to acknowledge his presence back then - it’s always nicer to work out if the face fits …

  1. seven of five Silver badge

    unique position?

    > Big Red is, of course, in a unique position because its enormous application portfolio means it

    > engages with customers like no other infrastructure or cloud vendor.

    Except, of course, that other company. You know, that big, three letter, blue one... The only one they really need to compete against if they finally got off their ar- seats.

  2. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Oracle win on price ?

    Best joke all year.

    1. Matt Bryant Silver badge

      Re: Mine's a Guiness Re: Oracle win on price ?

      "Best joke all year." TBH, I was laughing already after just "Oracle win". The only product we actually want to spend money on from Oracle is the database, and that's only whilst we look at alternatives.

  3. Billl
    Thumb Down

    "Only 10,000 Engineered systems"

    Kind of a biased statement. Which other vendor sold 10,000 "Engineered Systems" in that time? According to the IDC's of the world, Oracle sells more Integrated/Engineered systems than all other vendors put together.

    Also, the headline is garbage. Donatelli does not run the hardware unit. He runs the converged infrastructure business. Very different things.

    1. Matt Bryant Silver badge

      Re: Billl Re: "Only 10,000 Engineered systems"

      ".....Which other vendor sold 10,000 "Engineered Systems" in that time?...." Depends on your definition of "engineered system". Oracle wants to claim only they can make a "true" engineered system because they build in their OS and database on their hardware, yet any company that built a LAMP system can also claim they built an "engineered system", and Dell, hp and IBM (and now Lenovo) will factory-build and implement tens of thousands of LAMP stack and hardware bundles every year. And they sell them for a good price, unlike Oracle who are virtually gicing them away in an attempt to grow marketshare.

  4. -tim


    Sun grew because they sold a bunch of systems into computer science departments right before the bubble and the people who used those knew them as the fastest and best computers they had ever used so when a CEO asked, they recommended Sun. These days that isn't ture so the next generation of specifiers aren't going down that path.

  5. Matt Bryant Silver badge

    Fun thought for the day.

    OK, mad moment at the watercooler - why would Mad Larry grab another hardware guy (and Dave can't have been cheap) when his hardware biz is going nowhere? Does it signal the intent to really go into converged and whole-stack-in the-box systems in a big way? Is Mad Larry thinking of making another hardware buy? I wonder if Mad Larry would finally ditch SPARC and look at troubled AMD's server chips biz..... (

    1. HonestAbe

      Re: Fun thought for the day.

      I expect that he'll buy HP. A year from now, after they've ditched the PC group, after the market gets a better view of just how moribund the server and services group is when it's not artificially propped up with ink margins, and after Wall Street finally tires of Whitman's empty PR blitzes, it will probably be very cheap. Ellison has already poached Hurd and Donatelli. They're probably drawing up plans for how to salvage the last remnants of HP, at this very instant.

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