back to article Systemax Euro CEO Dale is OUT: Misco man gone by month's end

Systemax EMEA chief exec Pim Dale, the man who once dreamed of fashioning the biggest tech reseller in the region, is out following a run of negative results that were criticised by his bosses. The NYSE-listed outfit, which trades as Misco in Europe, told staff in the UK offices yesterday about his departure, and that outgoing …

  1. crazy-daizy

    Ha ha ha ha ha

    Ha ha ha ha ha!

  2. The Third Platform
    IT Angle

    The writing's on the wall for Insight UK

    Taylor leaving Insight is a huge loss for them in a company that is becoming full of politicians and spending too much time on internal posturing. Taylor is a no nonsense doer and unfortunately Insight now have a real dearth of people who can get the job done! Systemax have gained a great resource and I am sure he will help them turn around their fortunes.

    Insight on the other hand have a foreign body that is cancerous, it leads me to question how long Lamneck and the board will allow this cancer to eat away at a successful, well run and profitable UK business. This appears to have been manufactured to detract from the woeful performances of Germany and France!! How many more of Insight most valuable 'Assets' will walk out before the board acts and removes the real problem?

  3. The Godfather


    Blow-out time....

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