back to article VMware buddies with Bitnami to hybridise cloud app templates

One of public cloud's selling points is that vendors make it super-easy to spin up common applications: Amazon Web Services, Azure and Rackspace all operate a “marketplace” in which one can find ready-to-deploy virtual machines for just about whatever takes your fancy. Google calls its version “click-to-deploy”. VMware's …

  1. K

    Now integrate it into vCenter

    to allow local and private deployment, then I might actually give a sh*t.

    1. spb
      IT Angle

      Re: Now integrate it into vCenter

      Pre-packaged VMs are available on e.g. .

      They're primarily used with the VMware desktop products but can also be imported into ESXi or vCenter. Importing is lightly described here:

      Not enough to convince you to defecate? If so, drop me a line and tell me what would be. Email to : simon at bitnami blah-blah.

      1. K

        Re: Now integrate it into vCenter

        I'm an avid user of the Bitnami tools, just downloaded Redmine a couple of days ago, so thanks for all your hard work. (I'd really like to know when the c9 ide will be available?)

        My point above was laser-beam focused on VMWare, as a paying VMWare customer, I'd prefer them to get their head out of the cloud, so to speak, and concentrate on delivering better value for the money that I'm having to cough up annually.

        Not seen a feature in 2 years that has made me drool and look forward to an ESXi refresh.. I've even toyed with the idea of jumping ship ( Hyper-V doesn't appeal!)

        1. RichardMunro

          Re: Now integrate it into vCenter

          I think the point is though that you are looking at a fantastic cloud based service which provides speed and agility, that you want to be compatible with your on premises environment. That is the vCloud Air strategy and customers are seeing really quite extraordinary value out of having these cloud benefits not come as something you cannot integrate with your existing platforms.

          Disaster Recovery, and non-production environments are dramatically improving speed, cost and quality of existing IT estates. The features that make people drool are essentially about taking away complexity and speed challenges - that's the hybrid cloud and the Bitnami partnership is another superb example of the strategy. If value for money is your key driver (and a sensible one it is), it's worth looking at how quickly IT can transform itself when it starts treating a truly compatible cloud service as simply an extension to what they have rather than something new that doesn't impact them.

  2. spb

    Thanks for the additional context and for choosing Bitnami Redmine.

    I think Project Fargo/VMfork/Instant Clone has potential if access gets opened up to mere mortals.

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