back to article Blackhats exploiting MacKeeper hole to foist dangerous trojan

Last month's MacKeeper vulnerability is now being exploited in the wild to hijack Apple machines, according to BAE security researcher Sergei Shevchenko. The hacker says criminals are using social engineering to trick users into installing malware capable of exfiltrating data using a then zero-day vulnerability in the …

  1. Lord Lien

    Better still....

    ..... as you correctly pointed out & then changed, uninstall it.

    MacKeeper is not needed, JDISK report & some basic house keeping with Onyx should see you OK. They are both free (unless you want to donate ;) )

  2. Tim99 Silver badge

    There's your problem

    According to the saw, if you have a problem with your Mac and you install MacKeeper, you now have two problems (or in this case, at least three).

  3. razorfishsl

    and so why does the regasster keep allowing mackeeper ads in the bars on the site if it is such a problem?

    and from thier site:

    "According to our internal investigation, nearly all of our total user base has received the security update."

    Hmmmmm. how would they know that?

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