back to article Taiwan incumbent adds to tech mix

Under pressure to accelerate Taiwan's broadband deployment, Chunghwa Telecom has announced it will start rolling out According to Digitimes, the company plans to launch its first commercial services in September 2015. While sketchy, the report suggests the company would deploy the high-speed technology in multi- …

  1. Trevor_Pott Gold badge

    "and the company faces competition"

    That explains things. Won't be allowed to last long.

  2. chris 17 Silver badge

    so we know its difficult to install anything new in almost any built up location in the first world. The answer must be to make better use of existing infrastructure, G.Fast, or develop some kind of new infrastructure that does not rely on having to install new cables to every building.

    Most buildings have a phone line, mains electric & mains water, access to radio waves, some have mains gas.

    so either use the electric cables as they conduct, or use radio waves.

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