back to article IBM lobs 3,500 staffers at Apache Spark

IBM has thrown its full weight behind Spark, Apache’s open-source cluster computing framework. Spark will form the basis of all of Big Blue's analytics and commerce platforms and its Watson Health Cloud. The framework will also be sold as a service on its Bluemix cloud. IBM will commit more than 3,500 of its researchers and …

  1. nematoad

    Looking a gift horse in the mouth.

    "Oracle sought to make amends of a kind with Apache in 2011 by punting its OpenOffice productivity suite over the open-source project shop’s auspices."

    A pretty back-handed way of saying sorry if you ask me. Oracle seeing that OpenOffice was not getting the support it once had and facing the competition from LibreOffice decided that it was not going to be profitable and decided to dump it. Apache was the chosen recipient.

    Oracle were right in a way as OpenOffice seems to have become an irrelevance and most Linux distros moved over to LibreOffice pretty smartly.

    Not the sort of gift I would be happy with.

  2. JacobZ

    The history of Eclipse, corrected

    "IBM adopted the Eclipse framework early on, making it the basis of its Rational programming tools."

    That's not quite right, although the full story is a bit more complicated.

    IBM actually *created* the software that would become Eclipse -- IIRC as the basis of its VisualAge IDE. It then donated the code to open source as Eclipse, primarily to counter the then-dominance of Microsoft's Visual Studio (although industry rumors also suggest that the real target was Sun's control of the Java ecosystem, hence the name...).

    A little later, as Rational was creating it's next-gen tools under the Jazz branding, it adopted Eclipse for that work. Later, other IBM software brands that needed a rich client selected (possibly with some amount of internal "encouragement") Eclipse too.

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