back to article Twitchy Google GAMES YouTube – hits 'play' on MULTI-BEELLION dollar market

Google is set to muscle in on the multi-billion dollar online gaming market, with the launch of a dedicated YouTube app and website. The ad giant, which failed in its bid to buy Twitch for $1bn last year, said in a blog post on Friday that the new service was coming to the US and UK this summer. Twitch was instead snapped up …

  1. David Webb

    If they don't........

    If they don't go all family friendly like Amazon are sending Twitch, they may do well, if however they go Google Circles or something..... meh

    If I wanna stream topless, that's my business, true, you lot don't wanna see my moobs but I want the option!

    1. Breen Whitman

      Re: If they don't........

      And thats the point. I *do* want to see your moobs while you play.

      1. Anonymous Coward
        Anonymous Coward

        Re: If they don't........

        I want to Breen to stream his own moobs while he watches other peoples moobs. That way Ive got original content to show on my moob stream where I watch other peoples moobs. My channel will be called moobception.


        Actually why has an internet conga line never been done? I.e. everyone watching the next persons stream.

        El Reg are you listening? Its technically possible and would bring in some much needed new blood to the commentard ranks.

        Since its my idea id like very much to not be between Eli formerly a Computer Guy and that drag queen called Pewdiepie.

  2. M Gale

    No ta.

    Twitch works, and (unlike Youtube) doesn't require a Google Plus account to be useful. About the only thing Twitch doesn't do right now is let any old Joe have transcoding options. You have to be a "Twitch Partner", or the only thing your viewers get is source quality.

  3. This post has been deleted by its author

  4. HurdImpropriety

    Has humanity really descended to the point of lack of motivation that WE NEED TO WATCH OTHER PEOPLE play games?

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