back to article Not Boxing clever: non-paying customers still hold sway

File sharer Box’s burst into profitability is still being delayed (for quarter after quarter) by its massive, heavy boat anchor of pay-nothing customers. First-quarter revenues rose 45 per cent from a year ago to $65.6m, beating Wall Street estimates, while the net loss deepened 23 per cent from a year ago to $47.3m. Revenue …

  1. AMBxx Silver badge

    Positive Cash Flow

    Companies have been peddling that since the beginning of time. Just means you can pay your bills, but only just.

    One bad quarter and BANG. All gone.

  2. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Broken record

    Cloud vendor finds plenty of users who wish to use their services for free, but no bugger wants to rent flaky here-today-gone-tomorrow ransomware.

    So once more, everyone wants to sell cloud services, no - one wants to buy cloud services.

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