back to article Intel sharpening axe for job cuts this month – report

Intel is planning a major, company-wide staff reduction later this month, sources inside the company claim. Portland's The Oregonian newspaper claims to have obtained a confidential internal Intel document explaining that the company plans to keep its expenses flat in 2015, which will include reducing headcount by an …

  1. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    darn it

    Hate to see that in the industry but its hardly a surprise at least from Intel. It's pretty obvious that if they are going to embrace this brave new world of lower margin mobile chips they are going to have to get their overhead down. Having the highest tech fabs in the world is no longer such a huge advantage as it was in the past when today even mid-range handsets can play pretty fancy video games quite well. CPUs are becoming a commodity.

  2. Craigness

    Will they sack equal numbers of men and women?

    Just yesterday they announced a massive racist and sexist funding programme for startups ($125 million IIRC), and they announced a racist and sexist hiring and advancement programme ($300+ million) a few months ago. If they cut out the racist and sexist programmes maybe they wouldn't have to sack so many people. As an anti-racist and anti-sexist I am pleased to see a racist, sexist company failing, and will not buy or promote any more of their products. I am pleased to play a part in their downfall!

    1. This post has been deleted by its author

  3. TCMuffin

    Reduce expenses or reduce profits...tough choice, but someone had to pay to keep the profits up...sorry people!

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