back to article Use SDN to smash tier one 'oligarchy', hacker says

IIX security bod David Jorm is urging users and organisations to adopt software-defined networking (SDN) to break up the 'tier one networking oligarchy'. The former Red Hat security bod said SDN establishes peer-to-peer interconnects without the expense and complexity of traditional models, using projects including …

  1. astrax

    SDN, the all powerful solution.

    To be fair, yes, SDN could be a possible solution to DDoS attacks. Not quite sure why this is being aimed at users and orgs though? Surely, shared "DDoS tables" would have to occur upstream, at the ISP level. If your pipe is being saturated, it's not going to make a difference which of your routers know about the attack, you'll still going to blackhole most of the attack packets along with a decent portion of legitimate traffic. Now, if attack data was propagated from the ISP to the end user...that is a different story entirely.

    I for one welcome our SDN overlords.

  2. Michael Habel

    What retard writes 8 as IIX? Its VIII ya kuckelheads!

    1. Naselus

      It's Australia. It means 12, only upside-down.

  3. Little Mouse

    So it's Software-Defined-Storage, bad ("pseudo-sophisticated marketing bollocks"). Software-Defined-Networks, good ("Cool")?

    Sometimes I think I'm getting too old for this game.

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