back to article 'Whitehall must address creaking IT', says ex CIO big wig

Whitehall IT chiefs are not doing enough to address the UK government's creaking IT legacy systems, some of which are 30 years old, former government CIO Andy Nelson has warned. Speaking to El Reg, he said this problem is not currently seen as a business priority. Nelson was previously government CIO until the role was axed …

  1. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    I guess he's an ex Whitehall CIO because he talks common sense - even if it is the bleedin' obvious

  2. Colin Bain

    They should really look to systems that have been successfully integrated and are actually working now. In North America, Pharmacy billing systems have been doing lots of database stuff for years. One or two government regions have successfully made an ehealth system work, but I note that the majority of jurisdictons have failed miserably at this and wasted billions, just like Blighty!

  3. Kay_terra

    Andy was a good CIO, shame he got forced out by the Cabinet Office because he didn't exhibit the required deferential and cultist like behaviour with regards 'digital' and 'cloud'.

    Imagine refusing to compromise your requirements to shoehorm your tech into the latest fad solution, madness.

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