back to article Infosec turns 20 to face battle with BSides, RSAC Unplugged

Infosec, the annual IT security trade show, wheeled out the rock stars of the Infosec world for its 20th anniversary this week. Bruce Schneier and John McAfee – the Paul McCartney and Keith Moon of the cybersecurity world – both keynoted as the show return to its original home in Olympia, London following an extended sojourn …

  1. Destroy All Monsters Silver badge

    BSides offers a genuine sense of community and upbeat, unfussy vibe

    What the fuck am I doing on my (expletives hurtful to the GLBT community) job ;_;

  2. Mage Silver badge

    Tech Trade Shows

    Having been at some and found rarely much of relevance, unless it was a prearranged meeting at with a vendor, and never had time to see other than airport/station/hotel, I'm not really missing them.

    Infosec sounds ghastly.

  3. Just another badger

    It was ghastly. No tube service and a rail replacement bus didn't help. No more for me.

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