back to article Open source? HP Enterprise will be all-in, post split, says CTO

What's the latest enterprise IT company to proclaim its love of open source? HP, that's who – or, more specifically, Hewlett Packard Enterprise, one of two companies that will emerge once HP splits this November. Speaking at the HP Discover conference in Las Vegas this week, CTO Martin Fink said open source will be central to …

  1. gerryg

    Grommet? Was that a good name?

    Are HP making cracking contraptions these days, Gwendoline?

    1. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      Re: Grommet? Was that a good name?

      Might work. A protective gasket usually used when something is getting screwed. Yup! Fits just right.

  2. Youngone Silver badge

    He has experience.

    So Fink's open source experience goes back to 1997 when he asked someone to do some work.

    That's OK then.

    1. ckm5

      Re: He has experience.

      He actually used to be in charge of all open source at HP and has supported & worked with a very large number of open source projects, communities & efforts since around 2001. Maybe because he's a suit he's not your cup of tea, but he has been at the forefront of HP's open source for decades. He also wrote a book about how large organizations should participate in open source and how open source centric tech businesses should be structured.

      So, yeah, lots of experience, probably more than most people who read el reg. And probably more than any other high-level exec at old skool tech companies.

      And, no, I don't work for HP - I used to do a lot of work bridging between the open source community & large companies, so I know more than a little something about the people who actually did real work.

    2. Anonymous Coward

      Re: He has experience.

      Look at his background, read the book, then comment again:

  3. Mikel

    HP's other half

    The other half of the HP split will cling desperately - and exclusively - to Windows as it sinks, until the former Microsoft execs running it drag its drowned corpse home to Redmond.

    The future is often cloudy, but this one is easy.

  4. bailey86

    They've always been pretty good WRT Debian...

    Going back a bit it was easier to get Debian on to HP servers than Dell - which is why we have bought HP (approx 10/12 servers) for the last ten years. ISTR they had released drivers as open source and had Debian install images available - and probably as a result we've never hit a problem installing Debian/Ubuntu. Their ILO stuff where you can get a web interface to the hardware bypassing the OS ain't bad either - but it does need licenses which complicates things - so if they release that as open source as well then that would be helpful.

    1. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      Re: They've always been pretty good WRT Debian...

      Funny, but I could get Debian loaded but not stable on HP.

      Dell is easier because there more support in the community out there for drivers etc and there's more in the Dell boxes for industry standard supports.

      ILO is annoying - we just use native IPMI, SNMP, SMTP, etc.

  5. The Mighty Spang

    grommet looks good

    and crucially unlike lots of other client side JS frameworks not full of over-complication. Nice and easy base to build on.

    docs need work though.

  6. K

    HP Enterprise will be all-in..

    Prove it.. Open source ArcSight!

  7. GuildenNL

    It won't matter

    Sadly HPE is a Dead Man Walking with Meh Whitman at the helm, and backed by the slack jawed drooling idiots on the BoD.

    Whitman has blown more billions of dollars than anyone in the world, save the US Government.

    I have friends that work there and they don't have a single positive thing to say about what's going on at HP. It looks very bleak.

    1. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      Re: It won't matter

      I don't Know, Carly did better I fink

  8. Rainer

    Start by Open-Sourcing the HP Tools

    to control the RAID-controller etc from the OS.

    Not that we're running them now (a bunch of stuff that's closed source and running as root?).

  9. tomer.shadi


    Along these lines, HP Operations Orchestration has contributed its engine to the CloudSlang open source. See

    With CloudSlang you can orchestrate popular DevOps technologies, such as Docker and CoreOS in an agentless manner.

  10. fredesmite

    If you can't fix it ..

    make it a GUI

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