back to article Hybrid cloud: Define what it is, then decide what you want

First, there was software as a service, infrastructure and then platform as a service, then public and private cloud, and today hybrid cloud — but is the latter vendor-driven cloud washing or something more? Lending credence to the latter is the fact EMC last week spent a juicy $1.2bn buying Virtustream to increase its …

  1. MotionCompensation

    Hybrid with SaaS

    "In a SaaS offering there's not really much scope for hybrid operation"

    Not much, not yet, but there is some: BI SaaS for reporting, data pushed to it from on site applications. Done right, it can be a great way to do reports that combine data from your and some business partner's on site applications, for example. Share the reports to give both companies insight in how well you're running that business process you decided to operate together.

    Just be careful what you push to the cloud. And never allow a cloud thingy to have all the credentials and connectivity to pull data in from your premises. Any other do's or don'ts? Apart from not using cloudy things at all.

  2. Anonymous Coward

    I define 'Hybrid Cloud'

    ...As machines you don't own mixed with a service level you can't tolerate, with a heavy dose of marketing bullshit poured on top.

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