back to article The Good, the Bad and the Ugly (of the net). Make your vote count

Which tech company do you most love to hate? Why not nominate them for ISPA’s tech villain of the year award? The British Internet Services Providers’ Association holds annual Internet Hero and Internet Villain awards and is once again asking the public for their nominations. Last year, GCHQ was crowned the internet industry’ …

  1. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Take GCHQ's crown?

    Are you implying that they can't win it again this year? Because they'd be top of my list pretty much all the time.

    1. Graham Marsden

      Re: Take GCHQ's crown?

      Isn't trying to take GCHQ's crown a terrerrist act...?

      1. Julz Silver badge

        Re: Take GCHQ's crown?

        No it's treason.

    2. streaky

      Re: Take GCHQ's crown?

      I don't really blame GCHQ they're going to keep asking for more powers and more money, it's for the civilian oversight to make sure they're behaving and are limited in the things they're allowed to do especially against perfectly innocent citizens. That's why you vote Theresa May, the biggest threat to democracy and freedom since Hitler, and parliament for their complicity/bit part.

  2. dogged

    David Cameron.

  3. noboard

    Just remember...

    they'll be monitoring the mailbox and noting down names of people nominating them for the villian award. It's entry number 42 in "How to spot terrorists for dummies"

  4. Ian Cognito

    Terrorista May

  5. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Difficult one...

    Lets see;

    GCHQ is a popular choice,

    Google's Eye of Sauron is a contender,

    But can I vote for every government in the world simultaneously screwing the basic principles that make made the internet such a useful tool?

  6. TeeCee Gold badge

    The Guardian?


    That paper that respects free speech so much that they roll over to have their tummy tickled when so much as threatened with a bullshit libel suit?

    I detect a botnet in the voting process. It's difficult to think of a news site that didn't cover Snowden in exhaustive and mind-numbingly tedious detail. It was one of the biggest stories of the year....

  7. ecofeco Silver badge

    Villain: web "developers."

    Reason: turning website code and layout into overburdened convoluted crap.

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