back to article Turnbull's Digital Transformers discover log files contain more than meets the eye

Hey government agencies, there's more than meets the eye in your data Malcolm Turnbull's legacy-hunting Digital Transformation Office (DTO) has discovered analytics. The Office's latest blogged emanation explains that “The DTO's mission is to create digital services that are easy to find and use. Service analytics will give us …

  1. LaeMing
    Black Helicopters

    Story title needs more "air quotes".

  2. piawaugh

    It's much more interesting than that, happy to discuss the details

    Hi Simon, thanks for the article but can I suggest you are slightly understating this? Loads of agencies, particularly service delivery agencies, do a good job service with their service analytics internally but our goal is to build a view across whole of government. If you can see a users journey across multiple domains, if you can see trends surface across multiple channels across whole of government, you can be a lot more responsive to existing and emerging user needs. The new part to this, which very few governments have done by the way, is pulling together the service analytics (web, services, helpdesk, etc) across all agencies to get a more complete view. Analytics and user research have both traditionally been too agency specific to really make any improvements across the board. Anyway, would be happy to discuss if you'd like a bit more detail, but in the DTO the team working on this are really proud of what we are trying to do, and it'd be great to get some constructive feedback on what you and your audience think :) We are geeks, we want other geeks to help us do something awesome.


    Pia and the DTO analytics team

  3. piawaugh

    PS - we already have some code available if you'd like to play :) We will be pushing all code to our github account and already have a BigQuery plugin for Splunk to pull in web logs from Google Analytics Premium for improved analysis across websites. Enjoy! #quickhacks #devops #sandpit

  4. -tim
    Black Helicopters

    Prviacy act?

    Sending what pages I visit to google is a violation of privacy act stuff. The government shouldn't be using outsourced web analytics packages that are covered under laws of a different country.

    The PTV in Victoria already seems to see the need to send my planned journey details (including street addresses) to a company in Germany just so they can tell if my browswer is out of date.

    1. piawaugh

      Re: Prviacy act?

      Actually, all agencies who use google analytics are still required to comply to privacy rules (see which means basic protections like IP masking. Please read the blog post for more details but as I said, we are a team of geeks doing this. We care about privacy A LOT and will be making sure we don't identify individuals in what we do. Understanding behavior trends is quite different to identifying users, and we don't want this system to identify users at all. Happy to discuss.


      Pia and the DTO analytics team

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