back to article Microsoft doubles down on productivity with Wunderlist buy

The reinvention of Microsoft under chief executive Satya Nadella continues with reports the software giant has bought German-based iOS app Wunderlist. The purchase, originally reported behind the Wall Street Journal paywall, is in the ballpark of $US100 - $US200 million, making it roughly the same size deal as the company paid …

  1. solo

    Another text / word processor with a specific purpose?

    Why can't they just solve the problems of Office. Microsoft is just pretending to be a teenager when it already has a dozen of kids to feed. Let the startups earn on their own.

  2. Hans 1

    Same old story

    The iOS/Android versions of these apps will vanish in no time or become so buggy nobody will want to use them ... look at Skype, for example ... the linux version has become buggy as hell ...

    1. Surur

      Re: Same old story

      Are you mad? MS did not buy these companies to bring these people to Windows. They purchased them to bring Microsoft to iOS and Android. Its a land grab, and I expect them to purchase more headline apps to make Microsoft synonymous again with productivity on all platforms.

      1. dogged

        Re: Same old story

        Yes, he is mad where mad is defined as "hates Microsoft so much that he is incapable of not predicting doom for anything it even approaches" which is kind of weird given how many successful businesses are based off their stuff.

  3. Necronomnomnomicon


    I just got my girlfriend onto Wunderlist, and now I'm going to have to start scoping out replacements just in case Microsoft decide to strangle it.

    1. Fair Dinkum

      Re: Typical

      They won't strangle it, I think. They'll fumble. Just as bad for your S.O. and you, just the process is different. Compare Skype.

      But pray tell, what do you get when you purchase a software company? Expensive chairs, couple desks and used hardware..

      The people will simply walk when it's no longer fun, and source code is quite useless without the brains.

  4. Disko


    to uninstall before it goes borg

    1. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      Re: Time

      "to uninstall before it goes borg"

      Google are involved too?!

  5. Mage Silver badge

    MS Basic

    On Apple, CP/M etc and copied from Dartmouth Basic.

    Indeed back to roots.

    1. Fair Dinkum

      Re: MS Basic

      MS Basic worked like a charm under CP/M, worked with it in the early 80s. Still have the manuals somewhere... Even the docs were decent. Not all MS Software is bad!

      In the last 30 years, however..

  6. Anonymous Coward
    Black Helicopters

    Hope MSFT uses these apps as exemplars of how to migrate Objective C iOS apps to Windows 10.

    Porting the 50,000+ flatulence apps on Apple Store could close the "app gap".

  7. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    "The reinvention of Microsoft under chief executive Satya Nadella continues<snip>"

    fucking lol

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