back to article Disconnect app maker runs to EU to moan about Android

Privacy app maker Disconnect has filed a formal complaint against Google with the European Commission, adding to the Chocolate Factory’s EU competition woes. “Disconnect charges Google with abusing its dominant market position by banning Disconnect’s app, a revolutionary technology that protects users from invisible tracking …

  1. ST Silver badge

    VPN/Privacy Android App banned from Google Play Store?

    That would be an indication that it actually works as advertised.

    1. David Webb

      Re: VPN/Privacy Android App banned from Google Play Store?

      No, it would work as advertised but it blocks adverts........

  2. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Has any one considered....

    that this kind of app might actually be illegal in some countries?

    You cannot force someone to break the law.

    1. ST Silver badge

      Re: Has any one considered....

      > this kind of app might actually be illegal in some countries?

      Someone at the bar told me that in Googlistan it is indeed illegal to refuse to watch ads you don't really want to see.

    2. msknight Silver badge

      Re: Has any one considered....

      Yes, but neither is it moral to deny someone the ability to perform legal activities in countries where it is legal to do so. Dropping things to the lowest common denominator is the job of censor... ahem, sorry, politicians...

    3. Anonymous Coward

      Re: Has any one considered....

      Has any one considered....

      that this kind of app might actually be illegal in some countries?

      And porn is Illegal in many countries, but yet they still link to it. So your point is?

  3. Graham Marsden
    Thumb Down

    "it interferes with other third-party apps...

    "...a practice outlawed in Google’s Play store policy"

    But tracking and snooping and monitoring users is not outlawed because that would screw Google too.

    Of course you always have the Hobson's Choice of "take it or leave it" if you don't this sort of behaviour...

    1. frank ly

      Re: "it interferes with other third-party apps...

      Or, Disconnect could offer it for download from their website and the user could sideload it into their phone. That's how people can install AdBlock on Android.

      I'm waiting for an Android 'upgrade' to perform seek-and-destroy operations against AdBlock and similar apps. You just know they want to.

      1. petur

        Re: "it interferes with other third-party apps...

        What's wrong with F-Droid? Oh, right, the app has to be open, like Disconnect claims that Android isn't. Irony.

  4. choleric

    "saying that because the app blocks ads and tracking, it interferes with other third-party apps, a practice outlawed in Google’s Play store policy."

    What about the idea that Mountain View and third-party app makers tracking you all the way to the bog interferes with the normal functioning of the user as a person in an unacceptable way?

    It sounds like Disconnect may be restoring normal service.

    1. LukeLikely

      Well how about the idea that you don't buy a phone from a company who's privacy policy you disagree with. If you don't like Google's privacy / tracking policy, get your phone from Apple where you can get their nice privacy and tracking instead, with you're own apple tracking ID suitable for their own Ad platform. Or you could buy your phone from some suitable no-name Chinese company without any Google services (and some with actual English support and nice Chinese tracking policies too). It's the sad commentards like those above who complain about the policy but aren't actually prepared to pay for their email and other services and instead want it for free but still complain about privacy invasion.

      1. choleric

        @LukeLikely I like your point about all the "privacy" policies from major and medium players being largely equivalent.

        FWIW I use a private mail server and am careful about what apps I install and what services are enabled on my phone OS. I am happy at the moment with the compromise. But I object to these large companies taking advantage of the vast numbers of people who have no clue by supplying them tech which they divulge their most intimate secrets to, and then abusing that trust and monetising it.

  5. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    But apparently its OK for apple

    To do what the hell they like with their app policy, including creating an uphill playing field that ensures no browser is better on iOS than safari, or that eBook and music apps on iOS only allow content purchases from apple

    How is any of that even remotely legal????

  6. jonnycando

    had it

    I actually had Disconnect. You can sideload it after all. And it does work. It works so well that some sites are broken to point that nothing will load.

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