back to article Australian Govt to launch cyber sec sharing strategy

Australia's Federal Government will this year deliver its first Cyber Security Strategy to generate 'practical' means to improve security including public-private partnerships. It is the second paper-based initiative designed to help address the unruly state of information security across public and private sectors. The …

  1. GrumpyOldBloke

    I hope their cyber security strategy is better than any of their economic strategies that have emerged over the last couple of decades or the quality of their intelligence services that involved us in at least 3 wars of aggression of dubious legality. Hopefully better than their national infrastructure strategies or their tax reform initiatives or their aged care plans or the lets all be rich by loading up on debt and buying expensive houses strategy.

    I will assume they are operating in good faith and help them out. Let's reduce the cyber attack surface by not storing everyone’s telecommunications data for an indeterminate period of time in various bespoke solutions around the world. Minimising the damage of a leak by embracing anonymity in our day to day and online lives. Withdrawing from the extremely damaging 5-eyes +1 industrial espionage alliance to help protect our people and industries from actors unknown in foreign jurisdictions. Implementing an if you don't need it don't store it requirement for businesses. Investing in the development of local IT talent and encouraging best practice security standards - resources available at cost. Encourage research and collaboration in mathematics and engineering at all levels so that best practice supportable local products can replace key foreign products of unknown integrity. Requiring all SOHO routers / modems sold here be supported with timely updates for (say) a 5 year period as a fit for purpose test. Revisiting the case for half baked solutions like smart electricity meters. Banning foreign donations to Australian political parties so that they are not tempted to weaken Australia's security and integrity at the behest of foreign miscreants. Not an exhaustive list but it might be a start.

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