back to article Let it go, let it go: How global DNS could survive in the frozen lands outside US control

The plan to move control of the top-level of the internet from the US government to California non-profit ICANN has received broad approval following a month-long public comment period. The group responsible for guiding the fate of the "names" aspect of the critical IANA contract – the bit that oversees the global DNS – has …

  1. Gannon (J.) Dick

    Easy enough

    At a given radix names and numeric pointers are the same thing. The "web of things" [About 721,000,000 results (0.45 seconds)] is not the web of "something for nothing" [About 307,000,000 results (0.37 seconds)] and anyone who over-promises that is a "dangerous fraud" [About 13,700 results (0.40 seconds)].

    The results are from a randomly chosen, but popular Search Engine which may rhyme with "Moogle". Notice the result ratios. Now forget that "results" nonsense and note that any assumption of unidentified growth factors in names could result in you flunking Third Grade Math, your mom might forget your birthday, starving to death or at least doing really badly on your Agnostic Farmer* Final.

    Ok, I'll explain the last one: If an agnostic farmer goes to Easter, or Passover service at the equator they receive a timely reminder to plant crops. Northern European Farmers don't need reminding, and normally have foul weather which makes the question obvious. Nobody said anything about having to pass a Turing Test to be an Agnostic Farmer.

    1. FrankAlphaXII

      Re: Easy enough

      I've spent the past 30 minutes trying to make heads or tails of what you wrote and how it relates to the IANA/ICANN debacle. I don't get it, and it is quite simply not happening. Not without copious amounts of psychoactive intoxicants that aren't suitable for a Tuesday during a four day work week.

      At least I can't find a way to relate the supposed "Agnostic Farmer" (which I've heard before from a Jewish Chaplain while damned near in the geographic center of a very Muslim country, so go figure) toward internet governance.

      1. Gannon (J.) Dick

        Re: Easy enough

        Simply pointing out that the currency of internet governance is numbers, not names. It will "survive in the cold cold regions outside of US control". ICANN manipulates that currency, they can corrupt the organization of the "sport", but they can't take away the fun (see also: FIFA).

    2. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      Re: Easy enough

      "Nobody said anything about having to pass a Turing Test to be an Agnostic Farmer."

      ...or to post on El Reg.

      1. frank ly

        Re: Easy enough

        Were you and amanfrommars separated at birth or have you been living together for a while?

        1. Gannon (J.) Dick

          Re: Easy enough

          Might be more interested in agirlfrommars.

          If "from mars" was the only thing she ever faked it might work out well.

  2. Alan Brown Silver badge

    ICANN still not to be trusted

    And that's the problem. Right now they can have the contract taken off them. If this goes ahead they can't.

    1. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      Re: ICANN still not to be trusted

      I'm pretty sure that's the whole point. An (empty and transparent) little ruse by the puppeteer to distance itself from its puppet... slightly... maybe... enough to pretend something's changed while continuing exactly as before...

      The problem: The rest of the world is sick of the US (mis)managing their internet...and is finally starting to achieve momentum for fixing that.

      The soloutionoid: Contrive a corporate-establishment bureaucratic bastard autocracy form hell, saddle it with a binding constitutionesque vast tome of mind-numbing quasilegalese, then cast it off into the independence* of California "law". Thereafter, just stand back and say "Look! No hands!" and "Nothing to do with us - it's independent now" and suchlike while you go on fucking up the intewebs via your stupid sockpuppet act.


  3. Vic

    an affiliate of ICANN that has its own board and would be legally separable at a future date if ICANN was deemed to be doing a poor job.

    Whaddaya mean "if"?


  4. Vic

    There's a lot of talk of PFI in the article

    Is the author trying to hint at something unsaid?


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