back to article Charter Comms to wed Time Warner Cable in monster merger

Charter Communications has confirmed plans to merge with Time Warner Cable in a cash and shares deal worth $78.7bn. The earlier rumoured price of $55bn covers the cash element of the sale, while the remaining $23.7bn will be made up of Charter Communications shares. Charter additionally said it planned to acquire Bright House …

  1. Alistair


    That spirit of innovation will live on, and it will create real benefits and great long-term value out of the customers for the shareholders using the employees of all three companies.

  2. mIRCat

    Where's the punchline?

    "Representatives of each of these companies have invented some of the most revolutionary communications products ever created"

    I didn't know horrible customer service could be labeled as a product.

    I guess that is the joke.

  3. Gannettt

    If this means that our local Charter-owned broadband comapny stops spamming us with mailshots literally every day, then I'm all for it!

    Seriously, though, who the hell benefits from all this activity? it certainly isn't the customers. I don't know how anyone could have written that quote with a straight face, i bet they had a great laugh making that one up!

  4. Mark 85 Silver badge

    Well... Charter will still suck.. competition (hahahahaha) among ISP's will decrease. Only now it will be a bigger and suckier company.

    BTW El Reg, this basically the same article as was published yesterday but this time with the PR BS added in and price adjusted for hot air inflation. Why not just update the previous article?

  5. Someone Else Silver badge


    How is this better than Comcast/TimeWarner? Is it just that Charter is smaller than Comcast, so it's now OK to have one less player in the cable "industry"?

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