back to article Tim Worstall: Metals, mining and my heavyweight book

The Register's favourite economist cum metals trader cum miner Tim Worstall will be delivering our next Summer lecture on June 4 and launching his latest book to boot. So, whether you want to hear Tim cough up pearls of wisdom on the obscure metals that underpin our industry, or throw the book at him for refuting some of the …


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  1. joeW Silver badge

    Would it be childish of me to titter at "cum miner Tim Worstal"?

    1. This post has been deleted by its author

  2. Tim Worstal

    Made oi laff, but then I am fully in touch with my inner child.

    1. Tim Worstal

      And for completeness, the technical word for such mining is "feltching" and one who mines in that manner is a "feltcher". Amazing what you can learn by reading histories about the love life of our Own Dear King, Eddie VII.

    2. Fungus Bob Silver badge

      Re: fully in touch with my inner child


  3. sandman


    Unfortunately I'm going to miss this as I'll be studying (and singly-handedly trying to ameliorate) the economic plight of Athenian taverna owners on that date ;-)

  4. Hasham

    This book going to be on Kindle?

    I don't do real.

    1. Tim Worstal

      Re: This book going to be on Kindle?

      Yep, be coming out on Kindle at a reasonable price. $6.99 probably, whatever that becomes in sterling. £4 or so? There will be an alert here to let you know when it's available. Around and about the week of the talk....

      1. 4ecks

        Re: This book going to be on Kindle?

        I thought that $6.99 usually comes out at something between £7.99 and £14.99 :-P

      2. Anonymous Coward
        Anonymous Coward

        Re: This book going to be on Kindle?

        Excellent! One copy sold.

  5. x 7

    "cum miner"?

    Is that the kind of chap who looks for semeniferous ores?

  6. TWB


    I know you assume all your readers to know those things, but might t be worth mentioning i the article the approximate location of the talk (or any of these talks)

    Having to click through to book* just to find the location is as annoying as websites that don't tell you delivery costs until you register and almost place an order. (*even then to only says 'London' which somewhat vague)

    A line like - "as usual the venue will be [whereever it is]" would suffice

    1. TWB

      Re: Location/Venue?

      Just seen 'Clerkenwell' - did I miss that earlier? - apols if I did and for the poor typing/proof reading

  7. Small Furry Animal

    Would like to come but ...

    Unfortunately I'll be one of the marshals on the Crisis Square Mile Run - same day, same time. Any chance of video being produced?

    1. Tim Worstal

      Re: Would like to come but ...

      I'm told that there will be video. So you will get to see my impression of Magnus Pyke on speed (not a good impression mind....)

      1. Small Furry Animal

        Re: Would like to come but ...

        Excellent. I look forward to it

      2. John Sager

        Re: Would like to come but ...

        Likewise, look forward to the video. I would have liked to come but it's my parents' 70th wedding anniversary do in Devon the day after, so I guess I have an excuse...

  8. Yugguy

    A metal convention


    Will Manowar be the house band.

    1. kmac499

      Re: A metal convention

      Nope headliner is

      Manfred Mann's Rare Earth Band

      Coat Please

  9. Stoneshop Silver badge

    "He wrote the book, and he's going to bring it along"

    Planning on throwing it at anybody?

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