back to article HP beats the street on earnings, misses on revenue in Q2

HP has announced its results for its second fiscal quarter, and the news is mixed. The market expected the company to post earnings of 85 cents on US$25.64 billion in revenue. The company trumped the earnings figure by announcing it delivered 87 cents per share, but missed on revenue with a figure of $25.45bn. That's down …

  1. Malagabay

    No - Its just bad with added share buy backs

    There is a difference between the Non-GAAP results usually reported by the media and reality [aka GAAP results]


    If you are the Hewlett-Packard CFO and you know you are about to miss badly on your revenue, which incidentally at $25.5 billion will not only be a 7% drop from the prior year's topline and below the $25.7 billion expected, but will also be the worst revenue since July 2007 and on top of that, your Q2 GAAP EPS of $0.55 will will miss lower end of the previously provided range of $0.57 -$0.61, what do you do?

    Why you fudge your non-GAAP EPS as much as you possibly can.


  2. Mikel

    Lost decade

    Is it time to talk about HP's "lost decade" yet?

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