back to article SimpliVity opens its doors to KVM, OpenStack

Hyper-converged infrastructure company SimpliVity has announced it now supports the KVM hypervisor and OpenStack. SimpliVity's schtick is that everything below the hypervisor – especially data compression and de-duplication for back-up, networking and cloud-tiering storage – should be handled by a hyper-converged appliance. It …

  1. SebastianT

    More Vaporware?

    If I recall, they've been touting Hyper-V and KVM support Real Soon Now since 2013 ( Neither exists in the wild yet - just press releases. Considering that when we evaluated their technology it was highly vCenter dependent, I can't imagine how they might decouple it to work across hypervisors.

    They do talk a good game, though.

    1. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      Re: More Vaporware?

      How did they compare in your evaluation?

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