back to article Average enterprise 'using 71 services vulnerable to LogJam'

As many as 575 cloud-based services have been left at risk to the newly discovered LogJam crypto vulnerability, according to cloud security specialists Skyhigh Networks. LogJam creates a means for hackers to weaken encrypted connections between a user and a web or email server. The vulnerability was discovered as part of …

  1. Bigpatc


    Staring Carl Hungus, Bunny Lebowski and your SMTP relay. "I'm here to fix your cipher."

    The Dude Abides

  2. ItsNotMe

    "What do you mean our firewall has foundations made of cheese?"

    It would be OK if it were a nice firm Farmhouse Cheddar...but even a sturdy Emmentaler could possibly be poked full of holes.

    Oh wait...Emmentaler already is full of holes. So much for that theory.

    Mine's the one with the tin of Water Biscuits in the pocket.

  3. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    VENOM+LOGJAM = something pretty special on smaller cloudy providers

  4. codebeard

    LogJam is another padding oracle attack

    LogJam is an attack on the algebraic group structure of Diffie-Hellman key arithmetic and exploits a server/client's willingness to accept cryptographically weak keys/protocols. It has nothing to do with padding oracle attacks.

  5. Simon Brady

    The sins of the fathers

    ... the LogJam flaw shows how internet regulations and architecture decisions made more than 20 years ago are continuing to throw up problems.

    Headlining El Reg in 2035:

    "Modern internet vulnerable thanks to mid-2010s panic over paedophiles and terrorists. Also, Paris."

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