back to article Google Google GOOGLE! Cloud cloud CLOUD! These prices are insane!

Google is cutting prices on its Cloud hosted computing service. The Mountain View Ad server said it would be offering lower prices on cloud compute instances and virtual machines. Under the new pricing model, cloud compute instances will be cut anywhere from 5 per cent (high CPU instances) to 30 per cent (micro CPU instances …

  1. veti Silver badge

    Price cuts of "up to 30%"?

    That's hardly world-bending news.

    Wake me when it's "up to 90%".

    1. jnffarrell1

      Re: Preemptible Batch Jobs..70% off this year 91% off next year

      If you don't get smarter about competitive behavior this year you might not be in business next year. Servers optimized for analysing huge data files needed to position products will be useless to those not organised to gain knowledge.

  2. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Those *are* cuts of up to(*) 90%

    (*) but not including

    1. BillG

      Crazy Eddie

      Thank you for the headline.

  3. Phuq Witt

    Doing the Sums

    I've got a strong hunch that moving the half dozen or so low traffic websites I currently host on a £20/month Linode to either Amazon or Google's cloud offerings would save me money. But the pricing structures are so complicated I don't know where to start with 'doing the sums'.

    Reminds me of the mobile phone tariffs of a few years back [or the electricity tariffs of today].

    ...and then of course there's the uncertainty as to what will happen to these cloud service prices once the big three finish their battle to see who's going to dominate the market. Especially given that common consensus seems to be that it's a war of attrition and they're all running at a loss at the minute, hoping the other guy blinks first.

    1. tacitust

      Re: Doing the Sums

      Probably not. I looked into it a while back and it still came out more expensive (with a risk that a sudden spurt of unexpected activity could push it higher).

      On the other hand, moving to Linode's $10/month plan would definitely save you a bunch, and be a lot simpler too.

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