back to article Europe targeted as Alibaba's cloudy world domination plans take shape

Expansion-hungry Alibaba is set to increase the global reach of its cloudy biz Aliyun by opening a data centre in Europe, a senior hand has told El Reg. Derek Wang, chief architect of Aliyun's international cloud business, said the company intends to announce expansion plans into both the European and South-east Asian markets …

  1. x 7

    Would you trust a company called Ali Baba? I'd be waiting for the 40 thieves to show up....

  2. K

    AWS || ALI = ?

    Now here is the conundrum

    Having Uncle Sam trawling our corporate data for evidence of dissent terrorism, or Uncle Mao for our trade secrets.. choices choices.

    I'm concerned that I see Uncle Mao as the least dangerous options!

    1. Mark 85 Silver badge

      Re: AWS || ALI = ?

      My guess is there's more than just those two trawling. But why make it easy on any of them? If your data is that valuable to you, you won't use a public cloud service.

  3. Ru'

    Apart from the 'thrusting deeper' bit, congratulations on the restraint shown. Must've been hard... (oh, cock)

  4. W. Anderson

    Chinese influence peferred to American? Wow

    Technologists with European and Asian corporations have intimatd moves to Ali Baba and other non-USA Cloud Computing vendors primaril bcause of what these corporations consider draconian intrusion into their networks and business operations b US government NSA intrusions and spying.

    Strange how many international corporations trust Chinese technolog firms, even those with possible ties to "Communist" Government more than American technology possible control.

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