back to article Musk: 'It's BS for ex-Vulture to claim I forced employee to miss sprog's birth'

This week we found a quadruple quasar, fought with Vladimir Putin and made short work of our combination locks. But what were the best quotes, you may wonder? Republican presidential hopeful and brother of Dubya, Jeb Bush, thinks we should replace our health insurance plans with Sir Jony's shiny time piece. Speaking in …

  1. 9Rune5 Silver badge

    Big moments vs the small...

    My own toddler is 6 months old now.

    His first smile, his first raspberry, his first flipping somebody (me) the bird... All choice moments that I haven't missed thanks to a very understanding employer. And each of those moments more precious to me than that initial birth thing. My role at the point of birth was that of a facilitator, making sure my wife got to the hospital more or less on time (a mission almost not accomplished, but that is a story for another time) and in one piece.

    I.e. I do not care much what Musk did or did not do in this situation. My concern is what he did next. How do employers help parents bond with their kids during the early years?

    1. wilber

      Re: Big moments vs the small...

      John Oliver did a good piece on how that is handled in Amerika.

    2. Ben Tasker Silver badge

      Re: Big moments vs the small...

      > each of those moments more precious to me than that initial birth thing.

      Agreed - I'm glad I didn't miss littlun's birth (though I should have said no when told I could see him crown :( ) but it's the times since that stick in mind.

    3. dogged

      Re: Big moments vs the small...

      The birth itself is a long period of being absolutely useless. You stand there and hold her hand and say encouraging things that you both know are fatuous bullshit while totally unable to do anything productive or helpful whatsoever.

      I've done it twice now. The only reason I did it was because she wanted me to and neither time was I doing anything more notable than consuming extra space and oxygen.

      My second son forgot to keep breathing after he was born and we had a crash team in - I didn't even know what was going on.

      My dad once told me that a man's role in a childbirth is to wait outside looking worried and offer people cigars. He had it right. The alternative is just slow torture for everyone involved.

      1. Anonymous Coward
        Anonymous Coward

        Re: Big moments vs the small...

        not sure why you got downvoted, everybody is different and handles items in their own way.

        1. dogged

          Re: Big moments vs the small...

          Because somebody downvotes everything I post. I'm used to it.

          They'll be round for this one pretty soon.

          1. Bleu

            : Big moments vs the small...

            You, too? Note that I gave you an up. Seriously, it is clear that there is a crew of downvote trolls on the reg., but it hardly matters.

            You will also get downvotes for

            -any comment critical of or joking about apple, amazon or space x

            -any comment pointing out the US habit of running insane propaganda to maintain the brand power of their major brands (well, it would be a joke to call them industries, since all of the manufacturing is done elsewhere except in parts of aerospace)

            -a new one, seeming to arise from the southern hemisphere, since a generally moronic country there is in the same time zone as me, any cynical comment about climate change fascism.

  2. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    60s kid

    I left town asap. kids stink .lock them in a box till they are can drink then make em pay is the yorkshire way

  3. WonkoTheSane

    The best children

    Are other peoples. You can give them back!

  4. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Just learned something

    I'd always assumed that Ashlee was a lass' name.

    1. Bleu

      Re: Just learned something

      I gather that remains the case.

      Ashley was generally a laddie's name, but was also for some reason extremely popular among female impersonators and cross-dressers, it seems to have crossed from there to popularity as a lass's name, but Americans often like to change the spelling to Ashlee in that case.

      Ashleigh for the really top-drawer or pretentious touch.

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