back to article Google fastens buy buttons to paid mobile search results – report

Google is reportedly planning to imminently add "buy" buttons to its mobile search results in an apparent move to compete with online retail giants eBay and Amazon. According to the Wall Street Journal, which appeared to have been briefed by Google, the buttons will pop up on search result pages in a matter of weeks. The …

  1. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward


    "Apparent"/"apparently" crop up rather a lot in this article, don't they? Doesn't give a lot of confidence that there's much in the way of hard information behind it.

  2. Small Furry Animal
  3. Ole Juul

    bye to buy

    Am I the only one who's on-line life doesn't revolve around buying things? My Google searches are usually for information and not at all aimed at any purchase. I'm hoping that these buy buttons will help define a filter to rid me of commercial offerings when doing searches.

  4. Fihart


    Google has long been an advertising medium with paid results cluttering up your searches. I use Duck Duck Go these days.

  5. Mark Ruit

    I can't be sure, but...

    I think I saw something like this on my Haemorrhoid fartsmone yesterday - but I canned that search so fast I cannot be sure.

    If this is true, the real canning of the phone will be almost as fast as the virtual canning of the search.

    Mine's the one with a spare "dumb-phone" in the pocket.

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