back to article Splitters! CSC to break itself into pieces following job cull

The break-up craze among the largest tech vendors may have reached the channel, with talk that CSC will separate its North America government unit from the rest of the private-sector sales organisation. The split could come as early as next week, according to Reuters, when the loss-making company takes the covers off its …

  1. Tom 13

    Not sure how much the changes in law since 2008 affect things

    but one of my former employers was acquired by a company that was primarily a government contractor. His business was profitable, but after the acquisition the accounting was impossible to make compliant with government rules so the acquiring company essentially did away with the acquired business.

  2. WookieBill

    So glad to have taken VR from these idiots back in 2012, if you still work for CSC, take my advice, get out now while you still have a career ahead of you. CSC treated their entire staff as being disposable costs that could be easily off-shored, unless you were pointless middle management that is, then you got pay rises and bonus's that were denied to the people with the brains to actually do the work. For gods sake get out now!

    Also, their sofas were shit, no hang on, that was SCS!

    1. PhilBuk

      Have to agree with you there Bill. I left in 2011 after they lost the BNFL account. Bloated middle management and no regard for the people who did the work. And my personal bugbear - too much HR performance, compliance, box-ticking crap.

      This split will be popular with US investors. The Federal business was the target of the hostile takeover attempt in the mid-noughties by a consortium which included Lockheed Martin. I suspect the rest of the world part will just be left to be picked over by the likes of Atos, HP, Siemens and Crapita.


  3. ecofeco Silver badge

    My experience

    CSC is also losing major contracts in the US. I was recently on the wrong end of one such for a VERY large international company.

  4. x 7

    Any idea where their medical / clinical software business is heading?

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