back to article VENOM virtual vuln proves less poisonous than first feared

A newly discovered vulnerability in many popular virtual machine platforms is serious, but nowhere near as bad as last year’s Heartbleed vulnerability, according to security experts. Dubbed VENOM (Virtualized Environment Neglected Operations Manipulation), the zero-day flaw takes advantage of the “virtual floppy disk …

  1. Irongut

    Goths drink snakebite & black which is a red drink. You know, the colour of blood. Making it entirely explicable why Goths drink it. That and after a few even the fat Goth chicks look attractive.

  2. ecarlseen

    Strip 'em down

    And this is why we remove unnecessary hardware (physical or virtual), software, libraries, etc. from every server we deploy. Reduced attack surface, and fewer bugs to bite us overall.

  3. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Snakebite made with cider and lager?

    I don't think so. None of the ones I've ever had were made like that. Especially not those in the test tube shots served between the mammaries of the PYTs. The snakebites I've had were always made with Yukon Jack (a Canadian whiskey and honey blend) mixed with lime or lemon juice. In any case, when they bit, they really bit, hard!

    1. Mr. Abelazar Woozle

      Re: Snakebite made with cider and lager?

      AC, remember El Reg is a British site, and the 50-50 mix of cider and lager has been known as snakebite here for a long time - I drank the stuff in my mis-spent youth back in the mid eighties, before graduating on to the variant known as executioner, which was a mix of Theakstons Old Peculier and Merrydown Vintage. Went down easy, came up easy too....

      1. gazthejourno (Written by Reg staff)

        Re: Re: Snakebite made with cider and lager?

        Peculier's a strong enough brew on its on, let alone mixing it with cider!!!

        1. Mr. Abelazar Woozle

          Re: Snakebite made with cider and lager?

          I know... the other bad habit I had "back in the day" was drinking pints of OP with a mead chaser, then hitting the nightclub and the Newcastle Brown, with a predictable result. I look back in wonder at the abuse your body can take when it's young!

      2. Twilight Turtle

        Re: Snakebite made with cider and lager?

        Ahh, memories of my university days.

        Allow me to introduce the "turbo snakebite". You will need, per person:

        1x jug, approximately 2 pints in volume

        1/4 jar (500ml) Old Rosie cider

        1x Pound-a-can 7% Polish larger such as Okocim

        50ml Wray and Nephew

        50ml blackcurrant cordial (trust me, you'll need it)

        Unlike the Venom vulnerability, this does scale rather well. Enjoy!

    2. -bat.

      Re: Snakebite made with cider and lager?

      Theres a lot of things called "snakebite" served round the world - what were talking about here is specifically what you would get if you asked for "a pint of snakebite" in a pub in the UK. As a sad old goth who travels a lot I have been unpleasantly surprised by what I get when I have asked for a snakebite abroad though, I have to say! Cultural differences eh ?

    3. Helldesk Dogsbody

      Re: Snakebite made with cider and lager?

      If the snakebite and black isn't enough for you there's also purple nasty (add a shot of Pernod to the mix) and green monster (snakebite and Blue Curacao) that hit you in the knees after a few pints. They also seem to help to create blank spots in memory for some weird, unknown reason!

  4. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Doesn't scale well?

    Forgive my ignorance, but if the thing is designed for a VM environment, by definition once it succeeds in breaking out it will have entered a scaled environment like a datacenter or at least a cluster.

    Seems like scalability is built right into its nature.

  5. Anonymous C0ward

    Snakebite and Black

    At Durham Uni it was called Diesel, was popular after Formals, and not just with Goths.

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