back to article Australian government sun to set on NBN funding

The 2015 Federal Budget has set the date at which the government will drive the national broadband network (NBN, not nbnTM) to a quiet country road, open the door, and drive off. In the firm belief that the multi-technology-mix-architected NBN will be ready by the 2016/17 budget year (and that the current government remains in …

  1. ScottK

    All households?

    Does that include me? I am currently living in an area serviced by fixed wireless, but can't actually get it as the NBN installer couldn't get a decent signal from the mast.

    So if ALL households will be getting NBN access, how do they propose to service my house?

    1. Pompous Git Silver badge

      Re: All households?

      Like many of my neighbours, you will have access via satellite. My guesstimate from perusing a map of my local area, as much as 40% of households are in radio shadow. A pity they won't be using the existing poles carrying copper to carry fibre instead!

      1. ScottK

        Re: All households?

        Past experience of the horrid latency on satellite would mean it would be totally unusable for me as I need to regularly RDP to servers.

        Maybe I just need to go chop down all of my neighbours trees.

  2. Gray Ham Bronze badge

    by September 2016 3.1 million households will be in that state or already connected

    3.1 million is still only about one-third of the ABS prediction of over 9 million households in Australia by 2016. It looks like most of us are out of luck ...

    1. Jasonk

      Not only that but most of that 3 Million is just connecting the HFC to the NBN

  3. Diogenes

    Never expected to see it anyway

    Weren't on the original (ALP) 5 year FTTP roll out plan (and I expected it never to get past THAT rollout as the money would run out), not on the current 3 year plan (FTTN). It will come as close as 3km away, but again expect that the cash will run out before I see it.

  4. Munix

    NBN would have been self sustaining

    The NBN would have been completed from income previously, thou now with FttN the higher OPEX

    from maintenance of FttN cabinets, batteries, copper lines [estimated at $1B of the current $1.4B/yr] etc. means the first $1.5B a year dissappears and can't be used to finnish the network.

    What a great plan.

  5. JJKing

    Captain Destruction is doing such a great job of doing to this country what I wish I could do to my wife (several times a day just like the Captain does to us).

  6. DanielR

    They've messed this up big time intentionally to kill fibre because australia can't have nice things. Meanwhile murdoch is still losing money, his plan just made things worse for himself.

    They do not intend to upgrade to Docsis 3.1 on HFC. They used up most of their money buying the HFC which goes down when it rains mind you. They are paying some american company on top to maintain it and from reports saying to upgrade to Docsis 3.0 when we already have it lol what ?

    Your reports about bad signal for fixed wireless LTE is not surprising i'm afraid. FIBRE is the only way.

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