back to article Don’t want a footie-field-size data centre? No problem (or is there?)

Open Compute has generally been a playground for super-large, cloud-scale service providers to play in. Unless you’ve got a data centre the size of a footy field, the general consensus has been that it isn’t for the likes of you. As it gradually gains traction among non-cloud service providers, though, there’s a question to …

  1. Blane Bramble

    Not really surprising

    So a stripped-out OCP node is cheaper than an HP midrange server.

    How about comparing it to an equivalent white-boxed server, that would be a better comparison.

    1. The Mole

      Re: Not really surprising

      Don't forget the level of support/warranty you are likely to get between the two offerings as well.

      1. Skoorb

        Re: Not really surprising

        Yeah. Compare it to a SuperMicro offering, with equivalent features (you can normally despec controllers from SuperMicro boxes if you don't need them) and warranty. Probably not quite as much of a cost saving.

  2. SK

    "the conventional standard for data centre racks, which date all the way back to telephone switching equipment."

    It actually goes back even further. Originally the requirement was for control units used with torpedoes (which still come come in 19" and 21" sizes today). The same electronics were later used for switching systems.

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