back to article FCC: Thanks for the concern, telcos, but we're not delaying Open Internet rules

The US Federal Communications Commission (FCC) says it will implement its net neutrality provisions despite objections from telcos. The FCC issued a ruling on Friday denying a motion from trade groups USTelecom and CTIA, among others, to stay the FCC's Open Internet proceedings pending legal challenges to the FCC order. The …

  1. ratfox

    Go FCC!

  2. Fan of Mr. Obvious

    They have not gone far enough

    I am so happy that data can no longer be prioritized by carriers, and the government can now charge fees for Internet usage. I hope they hurry up and make it so corporations, small businesses and homes cannot prioritize either - would certainly cut out some of that pesky network configuration. They should also be sure to included rules and fees for B2B, off-site replication, and personal VPN traffic.

  3. Anonymous Coward
    Thumb Up

    Glad to see the FCC is doing this.

    It's still early in the legal challenge process, but I take it as a good sign that so far the courts have not placed an injunction on the FCC's right to push through these changes.

    1. zerowaitstate

      Re: Glad to see the FCC is doing this.

      They will, I promise you. Anytime a federal agency expands its own mission and it costs big dollars to a private company the size of a teclo, you're going to have a court case. There's no way around it.

      1. Anonymous Coward
        Anonymous Coward

        Re: Glad to see the FCC is doing this.

        'costs big dollars to a private company' = gouge customers for any imaginable reason.

        ISPs in the U.S. have regional monopolies (the established big boys don't interfere with each other because they aren't stupid and like their money) and would like to expand on their current gouging.

        Besides, the U.S. government subsidizes enough fibre optic, among other tax breaks that these companies receive for improvements.

  4. Beau


    Sadly this is doomed simply, the telcos have enough money to ''acquire'' enough votes in the house of congress to destroy it.

    Well, it will be money very well spent for them.

  5. Preston Munchensonton
    Big Brother

    Irony lost on the clueless masses

    Cheer on, meat. Once you can only go to Verizon, AT&T, Time Warner, Comcast, and Level 3 for Internet access, don't come crying that you didn't get what you asked for.

    Big regulation never ultimately hurts the biggest of competitors. Look at banking, FFS.

    1. HausWolf

      Re: Irony lost on the clueless masses

      In the US, the problem was the banks had regulations dropped due to the repeal of Glass-Steagall, which allowed them to become "too big to fail" which of course led to failure.

      And if there are only 5 carriers to choose from in your scenario, it is still 4 more than many parts of the country have right now.

  6. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Is that one of the most disgraceful pics you've ever seen?

    Look at the ass clown chair people of the FCC and ask yourself if it's any wonder that consumers are being gang raped by the cable companies and Telcos everyday. Instead of holding hands like a bunch of ass clowns maybe they should serve the people of the nation by actually performing their responsibilities under U.S. law to protect consumers from consumer fraud and other violations of law that are violated daily by the cable companies/Telcos. So far the FCC has proven that it is as inept and apathetic as the elected rep ass clowns in DC. All these crims care about is being on the tax payer paid gravy train and their platinum parachutes after they are booted out of their politically appointed position.

    1. Alan W. Rateliff, II

      Re: Is that one of the most disgraceful pics you've ever seen?

      Sadly, not a single one of them is subject to the electorate.

  7. Alan W. Rateliff, II

    Good to see the boobs out so early

    Few of the first posts, great to get the sheep in view so early. Off to the slaughter with them, then.

    These regulations have nothing, absolutely nothing to do with prioritization of traffic any more than the failed businessman who chairs the FCC desires revenge upon an Internet market which sank his pet project. This move is, in fact, a regulatory take-over of the Internet, a digital Fairness Doctrine, if not in full now then in phases and stages: one new rule, one prosecuted violation after another.

    Some here may not suffer or perceive to suffer under what is about to happen. I and many of my contemporaries are, however, on the wrong side of the fence and will most certainly face problems. Oh, the others will eventually, as well. A regulatory agency is like the pretty hate machine: once loosed, it is uncontrollable and will turn on its so-called masters.

    1. Mephistro

      Re: Good to see the boobs out so early

      " is uncontrollable and will turn on its so-called masters."

      You mean it will turn on the telcos? Hooray!!!


      1. kellerr13

        Re: Good to see the boobs out so early

        NO idiot. It will turn on YOU!

    2. kellerr13

      Re: Good to see the boobs out so early

      Exactly correct!

  8. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    I'm confused...

    Is this an American government body siding against big business?

    Siding with the public's greater interests?

    Lead by someone who used to be an employee of said big business?


    Something feels really out of balance.

    1. Don S.

      Re: I'm confused...

      He is trying to prove he's not a dingo.

  9. kellerr13


    Most of you are idiots.

    I didn't want the corporations to have control over the Internet, but I didin't want government to have control over it either.

    Every single piece of legislation takes money out of your hands and puts it in the hands of government or a corporation, or it takes control out of your hands and puts it in the hands of government or corporations.

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