back to article Apple storms to top spot in stagnant Chinese phones market

Apple is now the top smartphone seller in China, topping foreign and domestic competitors alike in the Middle Kingdom, but overall Chinese handset sales fell for the first time in six years. A report from IDC citing sales in the first quarter of 2015 found that the Cupertino idiot tax operation has taken over the top spot on …

  1. Frank N. Stein

    So much for that surge of growth in the Chinese market. But then, we have months to go before Apple releases a new iPhone. The surge will likely happen then.

  2. W Donelson

    "...the Cupertino idiot tax operation..."


    Grow up.

    1. MrDamage Silver badge

      Grow up?

      People who want to live in a walled garden, put form over functionality, like being told what to think, believe everything that they are told, and don't have the nouse to realise that simply plugging a cable into another flavour phone will show up said phone as a drive for easy transfer of data without a 3rd party software package to do it for them, are, quite frankly, idiots.

      Apple realise this, and are taxing them with exhorbitant prices, knowing they are too idiotic to know better. El Reg are simply recognising the brilliance of their business plan.

      1. Mike Bell

        Re: Grow up?

        That's an idiotic assessment in its own right, Mr. Damage. But it is fair to say that idiot taxes abound in all walks of life; it's what capitalism is about.

        Camera manufacturers put high end sensors in mid-range models, but deliberately cripple them so as to set a price point discriminator in their pro cameras. Who's the idiot there, you or the camera manufacturer?

        1. MrDamage Silver badge

          Re: Grow up?

          I'm sorry, did my lack of the "joke alert" icon give you the wrong impression of what that "whooshing" sound overhead meant?

          The idiot in your example, is the camera manufacturer, as they are doing it simply to save money, and have noone but themselves to blame when someone else figures out how to reverse the "damage", and bump up the quality of the mid range camera to the high end one. Doubly so when said person releases the details of the fix to all and sundry on the interwebs.

      2. RudeUnion

        Re: Grow up?

        Pretty lame analysis. You get solid hardware and software with Apple instead of a buggy mess with Android. I have to support Android phones and I'm reloading the firmware for another one because of a subsystem problem with an S5. And it's not even jailbroken. Changing all my fonts to comic and other fiddly things is not important for me, but if that's a dealbreaker for you then you obviously shouldn't get an iPhone. Plus, there's good software for iPhone backups and managing your phone. If you have no experience with it then maybe you should read a little more before slamming something like as ass.

        1. MrDamage Silver badge

          Re: Grow up?


          Using half a litre of glue to hold your product together does not count as solid.

          Deliberately setting internal cooling fans in iMacs to low speed so they don't make horrible "whirring" sounds as they speed up when the chipsets overheat, thus causing damage, is not "solid".

          Failing to take into account how phones are held by the majority of people around the world is not solid.

          The rest of my family, excepting my thick as shit garbo collector cousin, all went for Apple. He went for Android. He is the only one I don't have to support, as he is the one who went for functionality over form, has not infested his computer with the bloated warthog which is iTunes, and actually thinks before he goes along and downloads anything onto his phone.

          The rest of them have fallen into the reality distortion field that Apple produces, and are constantly calling for help with their beloved product. They also complained bitterly when I started refusing to perform hardware repairs for them, until I showed them the various tear-down videos of the products, and then they understood my refusal. I am not going to spend hours cleaning glue off their iShiney components just so it can be put back together again with even more glue. They are now waiting for their various contracts to come to an end, so we can do a bulk buy on handsets which meet both their needs, and that of the person who they will call for support.

          So yes, I do have experience with the iProducts. None of it good.

  3. This post has been deleted by its author

  4. Green Nigel 42

    Copy cats

    Talking of the inscrutable Chinese ability to spot & reject faux iPhones, is it really wise of Samsung to release the S6 on to such a discerning market!

  5. Sirius Lee

    Apple cash going into marketing

    To laud a miserable 14.7 market share as some kind of outstanding triumph is marketing crap at it's worst and, I think, gives an indication of where Apple's cash is focused. How many of the phones sold in China run Android or a variant of it. Most. So the story for Apple is not a bright as their marketing team would like us to believe. If this were a first-past-the-post voting systems crowing like this might have some merit. Instead this is proportional representation. The reality is that 85% of chinese buyers have said not Apple.

  6. Frederick Tennant

    I dont understand, am I an idiot?

    Im not happy about this new idiot tax thing, I have a iPhone, had it ever occurred that your paying for research, cosmetics and quality? break open any Apple product and you will find that they make sure that every component they include meets their exacting standards, why are the cpu and memory on their phone so low, yet they work at the same speed as the latest Android model? Not to mention the resale prices, the only problem with Apple products is that the software moves on faster than the life of their hardware. Just look at the amount of iPhone 4s is currently in circulation and still working. Idiot! Im not so sure.

    1. werdsmith Silver badge

      Re: I dont understand, am I an idiot?

      That appears to be a false flag comment if ever I saw one.

    2. RudeUnion

      Re: I dont understand, am I an idiot?

      Because idiot trolls are so small minded that they only take into account what they can see like "hardware". Yes there are hardware costs, but then there are R&D costs, too, which is hard to quantify. I don't work for Apple, but I do support their products including Windows, Android, Blackberry and their vendors to name a few. From start to finish, Apple is way over engineered, which is a good thing. They look at every aspect of a product including the packaging, interface, hardware esthetics. It's pretty impressive actually. Just look at the Apple watch: Droid watches had 6 months to copy and prepare and still their watches are cheap looking and lacking in features. The reason is they don't employ top level people. I see $350 Android watches that no one is buying because it sucks in comparison.

      Don't get me wrong, I like competition and I think Android has done good work, but there's a reason why everyone is chasing Apple and they're leaders in good ideas.

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