1. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward


    Just saw Prometheus.

    It's sad that Ridley Scott has slipped so far.

    Genuinely worried about what a car crash he'll make of Blade Runner.

  2. sorearm

    It was utter gash, major disappointment when released

  3. Bottle_Cap

    At least

    The Imax 3D was good I guess...

  4. thelastdinosaur

    It may be that my opinion is a little clouded but I enjoyed it over all. When I first saw Prometheus I saw it at an all night event at my local cinema showing each Alien film back to back including the prequal and I can honestly say in comparison to Alien 3 and 4 I thought it was a masterpiece - like I say though, it my be my mind is clouded from seeing all of the films and how long ago it was. I hear there are more to come...

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