back to article Why carrier neutrality matters for 'proper hosting'

When you sign up for data centre services, it's easy to focus on the core stuff like uptime, cooling and cabinet availability, while forgetting that getting wide-area (private circuit or internet) links can sometimes be tricky. If you forget to examine how carrier-neutral your provider is, though, then you risk delays in moving …

  1. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward


    In my experience (20+ years of doing this) if you're after resilience you must have local loop resilience as it's the most vulnerable part of the network. And - if you want local loop resilience, buy both legs from the same provider and tell them that that's what you want. Be clear on whether you want full separacy, some diversity or just n+1. Remember that the second leg must necessarily use a longer, inefficient route and rule of thumb is that it's going to cost 2.5 x the first leg's price.

    Trying to achieve resilience in the local loop by purchasing from two suppliers never works - primarily because one will typically be reselling the other's product. You'll sit there smugly thinking you've achieved five nines on the cheap and then both legs fail at once and emails with red exclamation marks start appearing. Or not.

    My final piece of advice - only buy space in datacentres with awesome connectivity. Remember Metcalfe's law.

  2. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Carrier neutrality

    Isn't that where you have carriers you're too afraid to put in harms way (like the US), or is it where you have a carrier or two, but they don't have any aircraft, making them as useful as a £6bn chocolate teapot (like the UK)? Or is where you have a carrier, but you don't join in the regular "bomb the savages on made up evidence" parties held by the international community (France, I'm looking at you)?

  3. Smooth Newt Silver badge

    What a great article!

    What an incisive and useful article. Thank you :-)

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