back to article Dive! Dive! Dive! Imation submarine barrels down toward rocky seabed

The good ship Imation is like a World War Two submarine facing attack, with the captain yelling out "Dive! Dive! Dive!" - because diving is what all its revenues are doing. First quarter 2015 revenues were $155.4 million, 13 per cent down on the year-ago's $178.9 million, and a staggering 21 per cent down on the preceding …

  1. Anonymous Coward

    Well, the good news is....

    "Imation bought Nexsan, a traditional storage array manufacturer, in January 2013 - just when trad arrays came under sustained attack from virtual SANs, public cloud storage, software-only storage"

    I suppose they could have done worse and have made a strategic investment in Arizona swampland, or purchased a farm on the bottom of Lake Erie.

  2. Federal

    Too bad - they're the very best of the Tier 2's

    We've used Nexsan units in small quantities for years - their reliability has been stunningly good. They don't have all the features of NetApp and EMC, but they somehow are able to predict drive failures during testing and ship only drives that don't fail. We've had units in the past that used some of the seagate drive models that had a half life of about 18 months in everything else that went almost 7 years in a pair of Nexsan 18 drive boxes before the first failure. To this day I don't get how they're able to do it.

    1. Mark 85

      Re: Too bad - they're the very best of the Tier 2's

      Maybe that's part of the problem in that they are too reliable. I'm sure the other manufacturers have figured out that replacements is part the business.. err.. profit plan.

  3. DNTP

    U-995 (the boat in the picture)

    was built by the Germans in 1942, captured by the British, given to Norway after WW2, and later sold back to Germany…

    …for one dollar.

    Which hopefully will not become the NEXT submarine-story-based-metaphor we find applied to Imation.

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