back to article Netflix looses FIDO hack attack dog as open source

Netflix has released source code for its automated incident response tool to help organisations cut through the noise of security alerts. Project lead and security boffin Rob Fry together with Brooks Evans, and Jason Chan announced the unleashing of the Fully Integrated Defense Operation (FIDO) saying it has chewed the time to …

  1. Eugene Crosser

    I wish they did not abuse the acronym so badly

    It was bad enough when FIDO Alliance came into being and stole it from the good old FidoNet. And now this.

  2. Tom 38 Silver badge
    Thumb Up

    The tool is part of a series of open source security offerings Netflix has gifted the community.

    Last year it released three tools Scumblr, Sketchy, and Workflowable under the Dirty Laundry project.

    Plus they use FreeBSD and nginx for their storage nodes, and heavily contribute back to the community.

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