back to article Docker vs the container world: Techies rally around CoreOS-led spec

There was an elephant in the room at the inaugural CoreOS Fest in San Francisco this week, although like most such purported pachyderms it took a while before anyone would mention it. It was only when Twitter engineer Charles Aylward began fumbling over a tortuous description of "this other, well-known container system" that …

  1. smartypants

    Docker: A bit like Internet Explorer 6 then?

    Docker certainly has wind in its sails, and as the article rightly points out, with the investment in place, it should sail on for years.

    But as an engineer, I am attracted to the standards-based, composable CoreOS/rkt approach, especially given that we're seeing the thin end of what will eventually be a very comprehensive and commonplace technology stack. We've all 'enjoyed' monolithic de-facto platforms in the past, and it often ends in tears. It is a big deal to see the major players (e.g. Google, Twitter etc.) putting in their engineers to push this effort on. Initially I didn't think this would come to anything.

    The only question for people interested in this area is how quickly this alternative ecosystem matures into a production-ready platform. I suspect it'll be a little while yet...

  2. auburnman

    A name like Kelsey Hightower is wasted in project management. He should be fighting crime as a loose cannon detective or masked vigilante.

    1. url

      or at least an extra in Police Academy XIX

      The post is required, and must contain letters.

  3. F0ul

    I'm still going to use Docker as the generic name for a container - although most people I speak to about this have no idea what I'm on about - its going to be a few years before containers are even as popular as VMWare in the world of business IT.

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