back to article Atlantis kicks its flashy upstart brethren right in the price tag

Atlantis has a software-defined, butch-bezelled, all-flash hyper-converged appliance radically cheaper than EVO:RAIL, Nutanix and SimpliVity alternatives, even the hybrid flash-disk ones. Its turnkey HyperScale product is a development of its ILIO VDI and USX VMware VM-accelerating products, which use RAM caching to speed data …

  1. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    AC because of NDA

    I think we might be the first in the UK to take them up on this platform + support offering. Everything looks pretty astonishing at the moment, we're getting a lot of kit and phenomenally fast storage at not much more than kit alone. Proof will be in the testing in about 4 weeks!

  2. mgandy


    In the Atlantis HyperScale vs VMware EVO:RAIL comparison table, it would be great to add a row for the software included in the offer. VMware EVO:RAIL price includes the Hardware, all the software (vSphere Enterprise Plus, Virtual SAN, vRealize Log Insight, vCenter Server and the EVO:RAIL engine) as well as Production support for both the HW and the SW.

  3. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    I havn't seen this much marketing failure

    Since HP's moonshot BS. Good luck to anyone foolish enough to pay for this half baked crap.

  4. Nate Amsden

    you've got to be nuts

    To trust 256GB+ to a Supermicro system. Just flat out nuts. I won't deploy anything with anything remotely that much memory on it without something like HP Advanced ECC. That and can Supermicro even identify which DIMM has gone bad if one does go bad these days? My last bout with them was more than a few years ago, for a reason, but at the time the strategy was keep running tests and swapping DIMMs until you find the one that is bad. No easy little light that says oh hey DIMM 9 is bad.

    Not to mention more often than not the way you'd find out memory was bad was by a system failure either lock up or crash. I'm sure it happens on occasion on HP gear too but for me I have never seen that behavior in the past 12 years of (on and off) usage of HP w/Advanced ECC (I won't touch HP DL100 series systems for similar reasons of not touching Supermicro for anything business related at least). Going back to DL3xx G2 anyway.

    My last round with Dell gear was the R610 series a few years ago, their "version" of Advanced ECC at the time anyway disabled a third to half of the DIMM sockets on the system! Maybe it is fixed now.

  5. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    "The CX-12 has four 400GB SSDs, making 1.6TB raw capacity with it having a 12TB nominal" implies a 7-8X data reduction.

    The $/GB comparison is really apple-to-dried-apple. Deceptive marketing and wrong GTM strategy using price as the key differentiator. Must be really desperate.

    1. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      That's per node of which there are 4. Still relies on de-duping as it's running a kind of RAID 5 at the node and appliance level (node hardware and appliance software raid)

    2. Archaon

      "wrong GTM strategy using price as the key differentiator. Must be really desperate."

      If the company and it's stakeholders are satisfied with the profits, why is going on price the wrong strategy? The likes of Nutanix add a huge amount of cost on top of commodity hardware, and relative to the cost you don't really get a whole lot for it.

      In a market full of expensive offerings I don't see "Look guys, we can do this (or 95% of this) at half the cost" as being a bad strategy. Yes it might cause the market for hyper-converged systems to become more of a commodity but the only result of that would be to screw up everyone else's margins - that's called competition.

      If you want to see desperation then just wait - if it gains any traction we'll see plenty from the other vendors as they struggle to devalue the Atlantis offering and/or slash their margins to compete.

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