back to article VCE to use Quanta servers for new 'VxRacks'

VCE will today announce the “VxRack”, a rack-scale converged infrastructure product that will use Quanta servers. The company will reveal three VxRacks during the EMC World opening keynote. Model 1032 will be a choose-your-own hypervisor affair, with KVM, vSphere or bare metal options, plus EMC's ScaleIO to wrangle storage. …

  1. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward


    filled with hamsters.

    The msg seems to be, run your mission critical stuff on vBlock and your crapplications on VxRack which doesn't say much about the faith they have on VxRack other than racks the looking nice and shiny.

    Anyone investing in VCE needs their head examined.

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