back to article Hyperconverged Infrastructure 101: A short primer about HCI

There's a horrible, horrible thing I get asked at least three times a week: "What is hyperconvergence?" This is like an icepick into my soul, because I consult with almost all of the current hyperconverged infrastructure (HCI) vendors in one form or another and the truth is, “hyper-convergence” is a meaningless marketing term as …

  1. Steve Davies 3 Silver badge

    In plain (jargon and buzzword) english please?

    Is it

    1) Some gobbledegook cobbled up by a bunch of drinken marketing bods at some conference in Vegas?

    2) Resillient Storage for Clouds (buzzword heaven)

    3) something else entirely.

    That's probably five years and a dozen pieces of buzzword bingo from now, but it's quite clear on the horizon.

    From where I sit, the horizon is 'Obscured by Clouds' and these words come to mind

    And no one showed us to the land

    And no one knows the where's or why's

    But something stirs and something tries

    And starts to climb towards the light

    1. Captain DaFt

      Re: In plain (jargon and buzzword) english please?

      More apropos of marketing hype and marketeers:

      "For it is of old rumour that the soul of the devil-bought hastes not from his charnel clay, but fats and instructs the very worm that gnaws; till out of corruption horrid life springs, and the dull scavengers of earth wax crafty to vex it and swell monstrous to plague it."

  2. Skoorb

    Hyper Converged newness vs Big Iron oldness

    El Reg regulaly fetures articles on snazzy new things like hyper convergence (incluuding from the big boys like EMC) and articles on mainframe releases, but never really mixes the two. Any chance of an article giving a comparison between the 'old' way of buying converged infrasctucture and the 'new' way? You have mentioned startups buying the 'old' way as a preference in articles in the past (like this), so there must be something in it.

    1. Trevor_Pott Gold badge

      Re: Hyper Converged newness vs Big Iron oldness

      OoooOOOooooo, Good topic....

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