back to article Carders crack Hard Rock casino

Carders have hit the Las Vegas' Hard Rock Hotel and Casino stealing credit card numbers, names, and addresses, according to reports The company says malware found on its systems may have pinched the data from its retail and service locations. Criminals did not make off with PINs or other sensitive information, it says in a …

  1. frank ly


    This is going to keep happening until companies and their directors are kicked hard in the wallet when it does happen.

  2. AlbertH

    This is going to happen - again and again - as long as the POS equipment is based on long-exploited "Operating Systems". There is NO WAY to make anything based on MS products in any way secure. The backdoors are usually deliberate!

  3. Richard 1

    Casinos or not?!

    Article title: "Carders crack Hard Rock casino"

    Within the article: "The casino and hotels are unaffected."

    Make your mind up. Did it affect the casinos or not?

  4. Cliff

    Ahhh magstripe - that modern technology

    However, by being the low-hanging fruit it keeps the focus away from chip&pin, so Europe's cards appear to be safer by default

    1. Mark 85 Silver badge

      Re: Ahhh magstripe - that modern technology

      Europe's cards are only "safer" until the US converts over... then everyone is fair game. And it does look like the US is converting over. My newest card has both the magstrip and the chip&pin.

      I suppose the magstrip will go away once the chip&pin become universal?

      1. Cliff

        Re: Ahhh magstripe - that modern technology

        Yes, I mean that whilst the soft target exists and can supply more bent cards than the buying market can support (by a factor of thousands looking at Krebs) then we won't see as much effort going into C&P breaking, because why bother?

        I do know a lot of US institutions are moving to Chip&Sign (mag stripe for backup but the liability for accepting it shifts back to the retailer IIRC), but that feels a bit of a missed opportunity to me. Early implementations aren't even taking advantage of the incrementing counter and other higher-order data added to increase verifiability. They're apparently scared that people will stop using cards if it becomes too much change. Feels like a missed opportunity.

    2. Tom 13

      Re: Ahhh magstripe - that modern technology

      This is Vegas baby. The carders might find out the target wasn't as soft as they thought it was. The Don doesn't like people cutting into his profits. Especially the ones he's gone to the trouble to clean up.

  5. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    They continue to lie, we buy it!

    They picked off CC#s, Names and addresses, but not Pins or CVVs? Laughable. You can't have an initial transaction and NOT get the golden 3 (or 4 for AE).

    What I love best is these criminals (the casinos) are getting what they deserve, and cannot beat down the offenders. I don't promote theft, but I do promote getting over on the man. These assholes only let you play if you're not smart enough to win. As soon as you are, you're blacklisted.

    TAKE THE $$$ and run. There are certainly enough camera that we should be able to catch the look on their face when they've been beat! [Laughing my ass off!!!!]

    1. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      Re: They continue to lie, we buy it!

      That's nice, dear.

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