back to article Intel's wristjob envy sparks reorg

Intel has signalled a refocussing of its R&D in an effort to really, truly make a difference in the wearables market. Chipzilla has told The Wall Street Journal that what was formerly its former New Devices Group will be remade as the “New Technology Group” and put under the leadership of senior veep Joshua Waldon. Walden …

  1. thames

    Too Late

    Would this be the same Intel who failed to make a dent in the mobile market? I can't see them having much success in this even more low cost and low power market. Small, cheap, and fast to market isn't in their DNA.

    The companies that are going to amount to anything in this "wearables" market (assuming it isn't just another fad) are already tinkering with designs on the test bench. Intel is going to be "too little, too late" to make a difference.

    Intel's big problem is going to be the relentless downward pressure on prices in a world where the CPU is a mutl-vendor commodity. It's the same problem that Microsoft faces with operating systems and it's why neither company has had much success in the mobile market. Microsoft at least has had some success at branching out into other software segments and so perhaps has a future after going through an IBM style painful restructuring. Intel however really has only overpriced CPUs used in stagnant traditional markets. So far despite thrashing about, there has been no sign of any ability to re-invent themselves as something different.

  2. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Small, cheap, and fast to market isn't in their DNA.

    And battery life. If the attitude of buyers changes after the release of some business phones that finally seek to provide a bit more battery life by being NOT as thin, Intel is in trouble in that market because power efficiency has never been their strong point. It's the Microsoft of the chip world when it comes to efficiency...

    1. Fred Flintstone Gold badge

      .. and as if by magic:XKCD


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