back to article Romanian rozzers round up alleged $15 MILLION ATM cybercrim gang

Romanian police have arrested 25 people who are suspected of being part of a cyber-crime gang that organised $15m in fraudulent bank withdrawals. The Romanian Directorate for Investigating Organized Crime and Terrorism (DIICOT) searched 42 houses across the country on Sunday in connection with more than 34,000 fraudulent cash …

  1. Slx

    Why oh, why are banks still processing transactions with easyclone™ magnetic stripe cards when every European bank card has an EMV chip ?

    ATMs can all read chips, since they can process the pin change and unlock functions, so why are they capable of accepting skimmed cards?!

    The banks should be able to encode cards so that the ATM knows it should be seeing a chip and refuse to process magstripe transactions ?

    I know a few primitive places like the U.S. still insist on using magstripe for hysterical or religious reasons or because it's a dangerous alien Euro technology that wasn't invented there but, why are European banks not using the technology they heavily invested in rolling out ?!?

    The only explanation I can come to is the banks just don't care because they've a big slush fund of our money so basic security doesn't matter to them.

    It's scary to think that my Facebook, Twitter and email accounts have far more sophisticated security than my bank accounts - protected by a 4 digit pin and a magstripe card in 2015....

    1. DropBear

      To be honest, in specific Romanian context, all my cards are chip-based - every bank around here decided at some point in the last few years they definitely want us to carry new chipped ones (they still do have the mag-stripe of course...). Still, I'm wondering how secure all that is considering all one needs to empty any of those cards online is the card number (printed on the card) and the CVV2 code (printed on the card)...

    2. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      "why are European banks not using the technology they heavily invested in rolling out ?"

      Maybe that's why the crooks targeted Puerto Rico and Omani banks, wouldn't you suspect? And the European banks would have withdrawal agreements with those banks that permit valid cards to withdraw money based on the magstripe and PIN.

      In passing I'd like to offer a thumbs up to the Romanian authorities. Normally we hear more about Eastern European crims operating with impunity, and whilst I'm sure there is still plenty of ordure still in the stables, it's good to see some of the vermin are getting their collar felt.

      1. Alan Brown Silver badge

        "In passing I'd like to offer a thumbs up to the Romanian authorities"

        I'd like to as well, but $15m is tiny potatoes compared to what is being taken regularly.

        Methinks some small players trod on the toes of the established outfits.

        1. Mark 85 Silver badge

          Yep.. small potatoes here. But it's better than nothing. They should have upped their pay-offs to the law. Or maybe these were just the collateral damage to protect the brains behind the operation and reduce the labor costs. A rather harsh method of handling redundancies but better than the methods that the Mexican drug cartels use.

  2. Alister

    Ah... First read that as DIDCOT - couldn't think why a sleepy Oxfordshire town would be involved in Romanian cybercrime.

  3. macjules Silver badge

    ahem ...

    "During the house searches for the suspects, the Romanian rozzers also managed to pick up 16 high-end laptops and mobile phones which they suspect were used in the criminal activity, about €150,000 in cash, some paintings and two kilograms of gold ingots."

    Wonder how many there were BEFORE the Romanian rozzers got their share.

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